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Custom Coil Cables, Retractable Cords

Custom Coil Cables - Retractable Cords

Coil Cable Specialist is proud to offer you with Custom Retractable Coil Cables. These Custom Retractable Coil Cables are made with the highest quality raw materials and to your custom specifications. We serve a wide variety of customers and we have a solid reputation in the Custom Retractable Coil Cables field. Next, add our sister company SWC into the mix, supporting our cable manufacturing needs and complex cable constructions, they design, build and maintain our custom cable inventory, giving us a significant advantage in delivery lead times, super high-quality cable constructions and faster product development over our competitors.

Coil Cable Specialist is a world class Custom Retractable Coil Cable Manufacturer serving the widest variety of customers and applications such as Electronics, Medical, Computer, Communications, Industrial Control, Robotics, Audio and Power cords.

What makes the CCS products and services unique?

If your business involved affordability over great product quality and on-time delivery, you must appreciate the importance of having the same from a vendor. Coil Cable Specialist also appreciates quality and has continually cultivated and improved it to ensure customer satisfaction on all of our Custom Coil Cables, Retractable Cords. The company has blended years of reliable experience with quality service production to come up with a perfect quench for the ever increasing market demand and has assisted hundreds of companies to fulfill their Custom Coil Cables, Retractable Cords needs for a wide range of applications.

How to use this form

You will be able to write your extended length (C), lead lengths (A & E), lead orientation (R or T) and quantities the click the "Add to Cart" button to add them to the cart. See image for specs clarification.

You can rest assure that our professionals will maintain those given specifications within your tolerances. We have more than 10 years of experience. Coil Cable Specialist knows the importance of a well-done product, a satisfied customer, keeping the excellence in this great chain of quality. Coil Cable Specialist technicians are trained and well documented before starting any job, making us stand above our competitors.


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