About Us

Coil Cable Specialist LLC (CCS) was founded in 2015 by 3 Enterprising Brothers with more than 10 years of experience in the Coil Cable Manufacturing area field.

With Headquarters in Paramount California, a 7,000 SQ FT Coil Manufacturing Facility in Gardena, CA and a 20,000 SQ FT Cable Manufacturing Facility in Los Angeles, CA., modern production facilities featuring custom tailored state of the art production equipment and is stocked with a vast selection of quality coiled cords. That foundation accompanied by a team of highly skilled technicians is the perfect recipe that evolves into the Custom Coil Cable leader that Coil Cable Specialist, LLC is today.

We serve a wide variety of customers and we have a solid reputation in the custom coiling cable field. We are supporting our cable manufacturing needs and complex cable constructions, designs, builds and maintaining our custom cable inventory, giving us a significant advantage in delivery lead times, super high-quality cable constructions and faster product development over our competitors.

Coil Cable Specialist, LLC is a world-class Coil Cable Manufacturer serving the widest variety of customers and applications such as Electronics, Medical, Computer, and Communications, Industrial Control, Robotics, Audio, and Power.

Our mission statement is to produce quality coil cables and always exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact us for more information.

What makes the CCS products and services unique?

Anyone involved in product or service delivery as a business owner, must have come to appreciate the importance of Quality and Affordability to keep ahead of competitors. Coil Cable Specialist LLC strives to give you the advantage by continually cultivating and improving on these two factors, ensuring your success and satisfaction. Our company has blended years of reliable experience with quality service production and as a result, we have created the perfect solution for the ever-increasing market demand. Our Retractable Cords and Custom Coil Cables have through out the years assisted companies to fulfill their Electronic and Power Coil needs.

What we can do, but not limited to:

  •  Custom Coiled Cables Lengths (Custom Coils)
  •  Coil your Furnished Material (CFM Coils)
  •  Custom Cable to Coils
  •  In-stock Electronic Coils
  •  In-stock Power Coils
  •  In-stock Bulk Cable
  •  Assembly Services
  •  Coil Cables to match Specs
  •  Conductor Extrusion
  •  Customer Furnished Component Cabling
  •  Striping/Number Coding
  •  Bonding Conductors
  •  Twisted Conductors
  •  Bunched Conductors
  •  Planetary Cabling
  •  Taping/Serving
  •  Braided Shielding/Spiral Shielding
  •  Aluminum Mylar/Copper Foil Shielding
  •  Custom Color Jackets
  •  Custom Printed Jackets