Customer Furnished Material for Coil Cords (CFM Coils).

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Are you facing difficulties in getting your Retractable Cords in time or within your specs? Then you had found the source to your coil cable needs. We at CCS can coil your high-quality cable to your Specs. These Retractable Cables are our #1 specialty accompanied with a State of The Art Technology.

We have come to realize that customers are trying to save money by providing their own cable, we totally understand and because of that, we offer this "CFM Coils" Service meaning you can drop-ship your cable to our location.

Get your Spiral Cords ready in 3 easy steps;

1. Call us, Fill-Out Website's Form or Email us to get a Free Quote.

2. Order Product from below and Get a Job# (attached this number to your parcel).

3. Ship your cable to our facility, then wait for your  Order to get completed (you can track this process online)

We are open to a wide range of forms a Spiral Cable can take. We are able to satisfy our customers to the toughest specifications and deadlines. Remember, CCS is a Coiling Company that excels in Retractable Cords only, our Technology is based around this market.

Please call us or request a free quote here. For Material Testing, please try to ship at least 10 feet of sample cable first.

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