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CABLE OD 0.575"
COIL OD 2.100"
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12 AWG 4 Conductors 600V with True Polyurethane UL62 Jacket Power Retractable Cords with Excellent Retracting Properties

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Coil Cable Specialist LLC is a Power Retractable Cable Manufacturer using TRUE Polyurethane UL62 Jackets. This UL is made for out of the conduit applications passing NEC and NFPA 70 standards. This is a 12 AWG 4 Conductors 600 Volts, TPE inner conductors with Polyurethane outer jacket. This Retractable Cord has passed the most rigorous tests and it is made to perform thousands of retracting cycles. We stock them in these standard sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 & 50 feet extended. By buying a Coil Cord you're getting the assurance that has been made by a quality company with highly trained and responsible personnel with more than 10 years of experience accompanied with a state of the art coil cable technology machinery, "Making what we Love to do" and not just a simple Spiral Cord like others.

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