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Coil Cable Specialist, LLC is a World Class Cable Manufacturer serving the widest variety of Customers with applications such as Electronics, Medical, Computer and Communications, Industrial Control, Robotics, MIL-Spec, Nuclear, Audio, Power, Alarm & Signal, Automotive, Instrumentation, and Marine, to name a few.

Coil Cable Specialist, LLC is especially proud to be a preferred provider to the Medical Equipment Industry and one of the very few Qualified Manufacturers able to produce ANSI/AAMI EC53:2013 Low Triboelectric Noise Products.

We specialize in Coil Cables and Custom Cables made to your specification or requirements. We count with over 20,000 square feet of State of The Art Cable Manufacturing area located in Los Angeles.

Thinking about CCS as your custom cable manufacturer? See below for CCS Capabilities to build your cable.

1- Choosing your singles/wires: 

Either you are searching for low temperature wires or high temperature wires ranging from 6 AWG to 32 AWG. We offer a wide variety of compounds for insulation purposes as describe below:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride):  BU (.010" wall thickness), CU (.015" wall thickness) or BU (.030" wall thickness) Fire Retardant plastic. Different wall thickness available. 80 to 105 F. 30 to 600V.

PU (Polyurethane): Great insulation compound for flexing and non-flexing applications. 80 to 105 F. 30 to 600V.

PP (Polypropylene): 

2- Striping:

We have the capability to stripe cable from 6 AWG to 28 AWG using standard print wheels or modern ink-jet printers.

3- Number Coding:

We have the capability to number code wires ranging from 6 AWG to 30 AWG using standard print wheels or modern ink-jet printers.

4- Dying:

5- Twisting:

6- Cabling:

7- Taping:

8- Braiding / Spiral:

9- Jacketing:

10- Parallel Extrusion:

11- Bonding:

CCS Thermal Bonding process has evolved to be the go-to source of adhering Wire Conductors to one another without the Contamination, Mess, and Added Expense when comparing it to the Flood Adhesive Bonding process. No Glue means No Voids, Gas Bubbles, or Material Stripping Witnesses from when the Material is separated to terminate. We can join multiple Conductors of the same polymer to one another. While Thermal Bonding can be done with a wide variety of polymers but not limited to; PVC, PU, 

  • Control Cable
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Cable (PU)
  • Mil-Spec Cable
  • Low Triboelectric Cable (AMMI Standard)
  • Shielded Cable
  • Twisted Pair Cable
  • Audio/ Video Cable
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Computer Cable
  • Traffic Loop Cable
  • Camera Cable
  • Torsional Cable
  • Stage Lighting cable
  • Servo Cables
  • Motor Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Hi Temp Cable
  • Amusement Ride Cable
  • Complex Cable
  • Low Voltage Cable
  • Fountain Cable

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